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“Since We Were Friends” by Zoe Haslie

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

“Since We Were Friends” by Zoe Haslie is a sweet and funny story, a perfect companion for a summer afternoon.  It’s a contemporary/romance / coming of age story about love and friendship, and the value of family.

 Welcome to the Clarks Residence, where peace and quiet are nowhere to be found.

 Regan is used to the hectic ways of life with three brothers. The brothers in question are pranksters  who can put to shame even the Weasley twins (from “Harry Potter”). Their father is a champion parent and their mother is the best communicator there is.  The Clark’s household is a place full of light and laughter. A place where everything is open for  a discussion. [ Let me just say, how delighted I was to see a functional family, for they are so rare in teen books. The Clark family is one that values hard work and honesty and I love that!]

 Our main character Regan is sixteen. She loves to play soccer with her brothers (meaning football as we call it in Europe), but is soon to be removed from the team.  Another blow comes when her brother’s (and formerly hers) best friend Harper move into their house. On top of that she is failing math.  Now with her favorite hobbie gone, her home invaded by Harper – who is acting more and more suspicious every day, and all the academic drama, all she needs is a friend. And a friend comes…

 Sophie is (honestly my favorite character!) fearless, open and spontaneous.  She is everything that a girl like Regan needs. She pushes her out of her comfort zone, she is always there with a plan and a smile, or a crazy idea and a smile, depending on your point of view.

 That is pretty much everything I can tell you about “Since We Were Friends” without spoiling the plot.  Overall, I liked it.

 I liked that Regan was outspoken and she was standing for herself. I liked that she calls people out for pulling mean pranks and bulling even when it was “to avenge her”. I liked her friendship with Sophie and how she was standing by her side, even if it meant standing up to her brother.

 The family dynamic, and especially the inter-brothers dynamic felt very accurate.  (I don’t know if Zoe Haslie was writing from experience, but I promise I’ll ask her in our upcoming interview.) 

 You can read “Since We Were Friends” on swoonreads since-we-were-friends and follow Zoe on Instagram click here and .

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