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"Dream" by Evgeny Kleymenov

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Trigger warnings for the readers of this book for violence, domestic and substance abuse, mature content, oppressive language.

 “Dream” was kindly send to me for a review by the author Evgeny Kleymenov.

 Evgeny Kleymenov is a russian novelist, poet and a philosopher. He is an author of five books, and “Dream” is his first translated work.

 This book was very different from my regular reading picks. But I have to admit that I found it rather intriguing.

 “Dream” shows an interesting look on apotheosis or the human tendency of playing the role of a God. In a rather philosophical way Kleymenov discusses the God complex and the transhumanist hubris. “Dream” also sheds light on issues like addiction and mental illness.

 The book is heavy on metaphors, painting a vivid picture of author’s vision on the matter. The story is told in a form of thirteen dreams, and from multiple perspectives, so the full extend of it may not become clear until the end.

 As I said it was a curious read. I will not go into details in order not to spoil the plot. In a way, the book reminded me of “Harvey’s Dream” by Stephen King, with a hint of “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”.

 The book in my opinion was a bit too short and a bit too rushed at times. But this is Kleymenov’s first novel, so his writing style is yet to improve and evolve. The author’s books can be found on with a worldwide shipping.

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